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Video 1 – Skeleton Creek is Real

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  1. admin says:

    Commenting turned off for now.

  2. HirizaKyo says:

    There was 24,800 comments and now there is not… I am starting to freak out.

  3. alias64 says:

    i reffered my friend to the books and the site hes called joebushjr.4

  4. ibook says:

    *if/when PC announces it’s a haox*

    Amanda: Somebody better pick up that phone

    ScaryCorey: Wha..what?

    Amanda: Because I TOTALLY CALLED IT!

  5. ibook says:

    Yeah, yeah, I know…

  6. HirizaKyo says:

    Take him while he is still out there…

  7. horror says:

    Hmm… Skullz, if you really are Skullz, Why are you lying?

  8. How is it NOT a hoax? Patrick Carman created this site. Proven by a search from before he asked them to hide the evidence. I realized that he promoted it like it was a GOD. My site had 80+ members, was getting more done, and was getting everything put together and not ONCE did he promote it. This was the mainland.
    Also, how did this site get information before PC released it? Because it IS him.
    I’ve been creating website for people for years now and I STILL cant make a site this good.
    Patrick Carman’s buddy slipped up when he didn’t say SC wasn’t PC’s site when I told him it was not working. He said he fixed it. How is he gonna do that if PC doesn’t own the site?
    ANother thing, all the effects seem like something I can do, therefore, they have to be either a hoax or just… yeah. No other. Just a hoax.
    Did I forget anything, guys?
    THE THIRD PERSON doesn’t even have to be a person. An object of great importance would do… Not the camera, not the website, and not the journal because there are more than one of that. I bet there is another Joe Bush, too.

  9. jreez0 says:

    we should get back to three discussuin , who is the third with ryan and sarah?