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Video 3 – The Video Files Part 1

Note: Before watching videos 3, 4, and 5, view the Recovered Videos

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  1. raybar.36 says:

    wow lol

  2. lost to says:

    hey guys im on the school computer sorry i have not been on in a while because my parents kicked me off my computer so just wanted to say that im still alive and that you guys r alive to but i will check back every once and a while but wont type in much

  3. Jenna1oo00 says:

    He is. I know this story.All three I have memorized nearly word 4 word. I have all the vids on my Ipod. It IS a skleton

  4. shadow says:

    Devilbringer. ur n IDIOT.

  5. trinity says:

    ‘That which is dead may eternal lie,
    and in strange aeons, even death may die’

  6. jessijess says:

    it is real and didnt edit it one sarah fincher is the one that made it and it sounds the same
    two it is real i looked it up online i saw 3 pictures of the dredge and one said it was haunted

  7. hazel says:

    skeleton creek book three is out in stores!:) cant wait to get it and read it :)! i wonder whats ganna happen

  8. Devilbringer says:


  9. Devilbringer says:

    Ugghhhhh….YOU DUMBASS! read the freakin books man! she saw a cheesy looking ghost in the window when,in your video the screen blacks out, shows the ghost and then she runs away! go to and type in the password houseofusher and you will see how retarded you sound to the people who like the series. Read you research first you idiot! = (

  10. paramore lover says:

    I know the awnsers
    1. SHE WAS LOOKING AT a figure of a ghost
    2.a ghost named joe bush
    3. the ghost’s head came out and kinda looked like a skull

  11. LetsTalkScary says:

    your wrong there

  12. emogirl_116 says:

    the guy from the window was a SKELETON! its’s true! I have the book and it has the password. if u know the password go to this site SARAHFINCHER.COM. I think the skeleton was Old Joe Bush.

  13. matt says:

    exactly sarah this guy bugs me because we already know what everything is from your footage and it just bugs me

  14. xionis says:

    ahem, you know, it doesn’t cut out in the vid, it shows his face and it looks pretty fictional to me…. but of course the reply would be (well that’s because he edited it that in with special effects to make it more interesting) but actually, he can’t edit it in if she stopped the video, cuz there is no extra footage to put that in!!!!!!! but look plz respond to prove me wrong….

  15. Sarah Fincher says:

    Hi. It’s sarah. Yeah, why is this guys using all my footage! And if he would read Ryan(whose real name is Ron Mathew)’s journal, all of his questions would be answered! What is wrong with this guy?

  16. Amanda says:

    Uh…I dont understand… But I will try…

  17. X says:

    If Only You Could Understand,
    How You Can’t Stop This,
    But Also How You Can.

  18. Amanda says:

    Where is that old house? And it was probably some stupid teenagers kidding around. Or your couisen was lieing.

  19. gogal5135 says:

    so creepy because me and my cousen saw a face in a old house that no won has ben in for years

  20. Amanda says:

    X. Are you talking about the…science stuff in the P. Table??

  21. X says:

    No Matter who reads this it IS important. The key to understanding why Joe Bush was killed is many things. Alchemy, Mathematics, greed, gold, And one of the most important of them all, Pi.

  22. lct101 says:

    creepy i thoght this was just a book now im really freaked out

  23. Amanda says:

    Uh…too both of you, I cant answer right now, but you could start by reading EVERY SINGLE COMMENT ON THE FIRST VIDEO….Good luck!@ ^-^

  24. ilovemystery says:

    im new here i love mysterys an if some one culd please update me i have read the first book haveent read the second but im very interested culd sumone plzz help mii with wats going on