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So a lot of you have been throwing out ideas about what you think the story is behind all of this and I think it’s high time we had them all voiced in one place, so here it is.

Post your theories here and say why you think you’re right.

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  1. HirizaKyo says:

    Wait… on that website, there are, like, four pictures of one dredge at the bottom, but two different ones. So wait.. so there is the one for Skeleton Creek, which may or may not have been built just for the Book’s purpose… or maybe Dredge #1 wasn’t even considered a dredge because it was broken before…?

  2. HirizaKyo says:

    Because Patrick Carman probably knew that I would catch onto the fact he has this THING with three. Find weird stuff in the third dredge. There WILL be some. I just know it. What other reasons would it not be mentioned.


    Do not know I have to look for more information. It’s weird that the videos say there was 2 dredges, but the true is there are 3. Why did they not say there were 3 and not 2!?

  4. Okay… did they have anything strange happening in them or unusual deaths or anything unusual at all?


    There were 3 gold dredges that worked in the Sumpter Valley from 1914 to 1954. To learn more go to