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Video 5 – The Video Files Part 3

Note: Before watching videos 3, 4, and 5, view the Recovered Videos

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  1. Patrick* Hiding* Something*

  2. skeleton creek boy says:

    Patrik is hideing some thing

  3. paronoid says:

    answers she dropped the camera because she heard ryans crys ryan is the other person with her and the person that steps in front of the camera is the ghost of old joe bush (who is actaully henry) if you read the books on this series you will begin to understand but im on youre side keep the videos coming i will help you i think carman is hiding something everyone knows he is he probably was a part of something like this and he hahd to get it out he couldnt hold the secret in but he probably changed it up so people would not know its him and actaully the person who plays sarah fincer said that she always felt cold chills down her back (when near a ghost air suddenly gets colder)

  4. katropia says:

    why did she just drop the camera?! if anyone found that, she could have been in trouble…..

  5. LoveSkeletonGirl says:

    2001 now 2002 is any1 as confused as me we are 11 yrs in the future skeleton creek is like the creep bank like it got me thinkling this by 2002

  6. ghostfirew says:

    It was weird watching joe die like that in front of sarah’s car

  7. lola11502 says:

    i dont no the first queshtion, the dredge old joe bush scared her joe bush was at the end