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So have people been looking around I’ve found at least five easter eggs there that are pretty creepy. If you find any post them here, this might be a lead…

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  1. goldenbirdie says:

    man this stuff really creeps me out
    probably should not do this in a thunder storm 0_0

  2. kincaid says:


  3. d-man says:

    I just got on here and am new so how do I do this

  4. crossbones01 says:

    O.k there’s weird things on! It doesn’t even tell about the ” mystery”. some is just random stuff.

  5. LoveSkeletonGirl says:

    ok so guys when u go to to watch videos start clicking on the house all around the place some videos or lights will pop out.

  6. LoveSkeletonGirl says:

    omg okay guys so you know when u go to to watch a video at the bottom left corner clicck on the blackest part there and it will show a vieo of a chef. isnt that weird. i was just randomly clicking stuff and a chef popped out

  7. LoveSkeletonGirl says:

    hey sarah you posted a comment saying i want all the books fo my bday. and thats what i want 2!

  8. LoveSkeletonGirl says:

    hey sarah you posted a comment saying i want all the books fo my bday. and thats what i want 2!


  9. LoveSkeletonGirl says:

    ok what is a easter egg? i mean like what are in side of them and what is so creepy. what is so special about finding one. post a comment to answer my questions thank you .


  10. that_guy says:

    cool i have read ‘ghost in the machine’ and im going to tart skeleton creek.

  11. sheomou says:


  12. Spades says:

    They’re making a 5th book??
    Do tell more.

  13. sarahharvey says:

    just watched 103110 nearly peeded my pants

  14. sarahharvey says:


  15. sheomou says:

    Hi everyone!!!!!!

  16. sarahharvey says:

    go to all the haunted places

  17. sarahharvey says:

    i fallowed sarah fincher on twiter omg shes real

  18. sarahharvey says:

    there making a 5 book

  19. Spades says:

    These Newbies are annoying.
    We already know about the easter eggs.

  20. sarah says:

    i want all the books for my b-day

  21. sarah says:

    i love it its better than the clips we have here

  22. I RULE says:

    I clicked on the easter eggsand i found picors video and a ice cream crumorsol and music video wheth a lot of exploding stuffsorry bad speller

  23. party boy ace says:

    i have skeleton creek the raven and it is a good book so far

  24. party boy ace says:

    what in the world

  25. w. says:

    Im but i did a backround search on the drege and
    learnt tht henry might be based on henry h griffin
    he was a prospector tht first found gold in sumpter