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Video 11 – New Pictures

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  1. Old Joe Josh says:

    send something

  2. Old Joe Josh says:

    scott ttttttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllkkkkkkkkk

  3. Old Joe Josh says:

    SCOTT talk. whats wrong? why arnt you talking?

  4. Old Joe Josh says:


  5. Old Joe Josh says:


  6. Old Joe Josh says:


  7. Old Joe Josh says:


  8. Old Joe Josh says:


  9. skeltonscott says:

    yo josh

  10. Alexrider7 says:

    it looks like PC is doing dot to dot puzzles

  11. nobodies101 says:

    And hes back to haunt you!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Amanda says:

    He did die…..

  13. friedpicklelover123 says:

    The girl is sarah fincher just letting you know and joe had his leg chopped off in an accedent with a matcheine but he didn’t die creepy

  14. Amanda says:

    I am not her, but I know a lot if you wanna ask me a ?

  15. dizzverd says:

    sarah (from skeleton creek ) can i ask u a quick ?

  16. scardycat says:

    ryan mcray was also another book i cant think of it it has aliens

  17. link1999 says:

    hes right look at the first picuter carefully

  18. 100cristy101 says:

    everyone look i found somthing lol i think

  19. Skeleton Creek 101707 says:

    Nahh its robbie Milk

  20. night wings1 says:

    that explains a lot. His voice isn’t dubbed. only the girl’s. Also, ever noticed that when “Sarah” is in the view of the camera, Ryan is never, and I mean NEVER, with her.

  21. Amanda says:

    Ho…. lol… Sorry.
    Rick Mcray? O cool. This is going to get interesting.

  22. zera222 says:

    read skeleton creek it’s Ryan Mecray journal and it does have facts inside.

  23. CJisawesome says:

    correction, I meant “who”

  24. CJisawesome says:

    My brother says that now we might be getting too close and someone might try to stop us from continuing our research ’cause we might find out ho killed Joe Bush