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Something Hidden

I’m finally back. Sorry for the absence everybody, four days without the internet at a time like this almost killed me.

I found something this morning after I got back though, I took a look at again to see if anything had changed, this time using my Dad’s mac, and I noticed something that I hadn’t seen before. On the page for the Dawson Dredge there are certain letters that are a lighter color than the others, they spell out “oldie”. You can see it better on some browsers than others, I highlighted it on my Dad’s mac and you can see it really well here.

I have no idea what it means, if you guys come up with anything post it here. I’m going to make another try for the dredge again this weekend, I’ve got a car with all wheel drive and I’m pretty certain I can make it this time.

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    I went on and I checked out Sumpter Dredge, Sumpter, Oregon. And the word up there is win.

  2. blissie101 says:

    die or win

  3. blissie101 says:

    if you go to the site highligh the three words it spells “would its company”what does it mean?

  4. blissie101 says:

    read spikes u will get it

  5. blissie101 says:

    old joe wins it says old joe wins!!!

  6. SchoolGirl says:

    In the one video on youtube the first word before they unscrambled the letters it said ‘oldie’. Maybe we were suppose to find that video after the haunted drede website.

  7. SchoolGirl says:

    When I look at the info I see mainly the letters I. E and D but when I try to lokk at the others for some reason my eyes are forcing me to look at the I E and D. When I Scrammble the 3 letters it says die. Since what has happened bad so far I am really scared.

  8. spike says:

    i found o l d i e j o i l l l l w i n no idea

  9. ihavereadeverybook says:

    Now it says win. If you highlight it, you can see the text info. But win and oldie? What’s that got to do with anything?

  10. ihavereadeverybook says:

    it says oldie. But why?