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I must be on the right track, or at least doing something right because Patrick Carman actually created his own “official” response to this website in a video he posted.

If you watch the video carefully he never confirms or denies anything. He just avoids the subject. No straight answers, no explanation, no details. What’s he not telling us?

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  1. HirizaKyo says:

    Erm…. PC MADE this site… and still runs it. He is too busy with his books to man it. Ever notice how things change when he actually has TIME on his calendar.?


    WOW!!!!!! I did not know Patrick Carman shut down the website down twice!? To the person who is doing this website, look out what you are doing, you do not want HIM to shut down the website again. Try to think of this advice “The True that lies within the the truth.” Because Patrick Carman may written or see a symbol that something important that haves another meaning.

  3. He has shut down the website. Two times, in fact.