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Video 7 – Digging Deeper

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  1. trinity says:

    ‘That which is dead may eternal lie,
    and in strange aeons, even death may die’

  2. jas358 says:

    but maybe I can try searching for something like that

  3. jas358 says:

    what I’m thinking about is that while we know how that notebook in vid 7 looks like, we need to see what’s written in that notebook… but i don’t think PC’s gonna let any photos of what’s inside that journal be on the internet

  4. jas358 says:

    hi i’m new here

  5. skeletoncreek rocks245 says:

    the files were erased obviously someone or group doesnt want us to know this stuff the crossbones must be real everything must be real. i bet that the dredge is in that place in oregon

  6. alcmizzou11 says:

    by the way- RM= Ryan McCray- u know the journal that skeleton creeks based on- hes real he could have some vital info

  7. SecretsAreScary says:

    The files are GONE……someone tell me why are they gone??

  8. Sarah1127 says:

    RM stands for ”RYAN McCRAY” Like the book we are reading a journal… this is the journal that made the story real. The book at the end said that if it is found watch the last video >> password-tanginabarrons << that is almost EXACTLY how that is in the real journal… that is how they found the videos!! ( is the STORY BOOK website… not real.)

  9. paramore lover says:

    R.m is ryan mccury

  10. xionis says:

    tell me sarah fincher, how do you prove that you really are sarah fincher????

  11. xionis says:

    the notebook was MADE BY HIM

  12. ghostcreek98 says:

    Do anyone know where this is, like state wise?

  13. rompwiththecomp says:

    guys….pls search for sumpter hill dredge in wikipedia……..pretty good info…is my suspicions r right, it is d sumpter hill dredge that carman was interested in during his visit

  14. Lucrezia282 says:

    Oh1 just thought of something majorly important.I was looking for pics about skeleton creek, and i stumbled across the same picture of that thing for patrick carman. I thought it was nothingso i didnt copy it or anything.DARNET! Try googling skeleton creek

  15. Lucrezia282 says:

    Hey guys, Im new here.please be careful, because I have just thought of something very disturbing.What if patrick carman managed to create an account on here?I mean theres nothing stopping him.And it looks like he wants to make sure that no one finds out any more info about skeleton creek.

  16. Amanda says:

    ibook. If you are reading this, I made my own website. I dont want many people to look at it, just in case you want to use a website in between to tell us stuff you dont want people on here to look at.

  17. ihavereadeverybook says:

    Yeah, don’t you see that this IS vid 7?

  18. Amanda says:

    We all did!!! >.< That is why we are commenting here!!!

  19. amprocks360 says:


  20. amprocks360 says:

    loook at video 7

  21. Kogagirl says:

    Patrick Knew that we were finding out about all this stuff, so he had to change the plot around. That is why the 2nd book sounds like Patrick isnt the one writing it…….or the 1st book WAS Ryans….and Patrick tryed to make the 2nd one HIS!!! OMG!!!! THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. mysterylover292 says:

    RM is Ryan McCray….. Omg, this is totally real. Ryan sent the notebook to Patrick and he wrote this book about Ryan. Wow. Hope I was a help to you guys.

  23. sain123098 says:

    all of u who r saying this isnt real y the heck did u sign up?! and wolfgirl stop actin like ur actually smart and get the heck off this website!!!