Welcome to my site. I prefer to explain what this is all about in my videos, but this is what's happened so far: There’s a book coming out called Skeleton Creek that is suppose to be some kind of ghost story with videos. I've stumbled onto some files and information that no one else has, and it points to a very disturbing possibility: They're using real videos of terrifying experiences in some kind of building or factory and they’re passing it off as fiction. I recommend you start with video number 1.

Video 1 – Skeleton Creek is Real

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  1. joebushisdarylbonner says:

    i know but still i think joe is daryl in some odd way i know it and i get the pulse thing but i also found writing of a blood pump on a vid ill type the whole thing out but your right

  2. no face.5 says:

    Sara, Teddy, are you guys still on?

  3. teddy says:

    well, joebushisdarlbonner, of course they are achters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it says so in the back of the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the dredge is real wich means the ghost is real is real but your other theory is imposible. if it was on sarahfincher.com then they would have mentioned it.!!!!!!!!!! and, someone who is already dead cant come back to life just with blood and a body they would need a pulse and a lot of other stuff… pluse he couldnt grab stuff it just goes against a a ghost theory. plus when the videos (above) say they got stuff from wicepedia, didnt you think pat carman could have edited it??????????? i mean on the stuff about joe bush… it could have said something totally random but when pat carman edited it he could have putt something totally fake that was about the book just to make us believe him. think about it…

  4. sarahf3 says:

    Hay noface.5, Joe Bush could take daryl’s body during the day and at night keep Daryl’s body locked up at night. I’ve got to go.

  5. no face.5 says:

    OK. This is odd. I’m coming back later. BYE DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. no face.5 says:

    I guess no one is.

  7. no face.5 says:

    Hello? Is anyone here?

  8. joebushisdarylbonner says:

    could be a faker since sarah is played by some amber larson person http://www.myspace.com/sarahfincher

  9. joebushisdarylbonner says:

    also from the commmercial bloodpump thing on sarahfincher he could pump his body up with blood to look like hes alive and then exit his body to haunt the ndredge

  10. joebushisdarylbonner says:

    joe bush is daryl bonner if ya dont believe me look at the glitch in drjekyllmrhyde and if you read carefully ryan said joe looked like daryl

  11. joebushisdarylbonner says:

    check this out http://www.scholastic.com/skeletoncreek/ behind the scenes it shows that ryan and sarah are actors

  12. teddy says:

    ok bolshak dragon, thats just wierd but cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i’m going through the book again (skeleton creek) because throughout it there are words that are underlined and im writing them all together. so far they dont make any sense one after another but maybe i need to scramble them up or make several different sentences

    by the way, bolshack dragon, what does it sound like??? and where are the “siloes”???? i want to know more about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. bolshack dragon says:

    theres a place in my town called the siloes,and when you go their at night you can hear people falling off the siloes!!!!!!!!

  14. hyypur says:

    anybody online?

  15. sarahf3 says:

    I know my idea is weird teddy but thats just who I am. I’m weird. So I guess my idea was far feched,but hay It was just a guess. It IS very unlikely it happened that way but this is all so serious I just wanted to lighten things up a bit. I guess isn’t impossible though. He got the book when he was in sumpter who knows how he got it. He uld have got it that way though it’s highly unlikely. I’ve got to go.

  16. teddy says:

    your right rori, i’m leaning to far into the facts that i’m missing the abveous stuff. but wich video about pat carman???

  17. rori says:

    What happened to publishing a book because you think people would want to read it? Honesty, Pat Carman has answered all of these questions in his video. You could just check that out.

  18. teddy says:

    well on the video on sarahfincher.com, she said it was only for ryan and she said ryan, tell no one! but that is toatally not true with what you said sarah, if it was only meant for one person, why is it just showing up on peoples door step??? and later in the video’s, sarah and ryan get trapped in the secret room but they somehow happen to get out because sarah is on the cover ov the second book, ghost in the machine. and it looks like (on the cover of ghost in the machine) that old joe bush got hold of a giant sythe or something and it’s the firs time that you see the full body of joe bush…. and why would ryan or someone else want to expose this secret?????????? in sarah’s video, when she used the spy camera, and she inteviewed the park ranger. he seemed like he wanted to keep it a secret. it’s really wierd.

  19. sarahf3 says:

    I think that pat carmen got that jornal something like this. It was left on his hotel door step with a note acttched. The note said something like this. I want you to publish this. It is real. All of it. Every word. Don’t something will happen to you. Joe Bush will get you and you will die slowly. I think It was signed JB and RM. I don’t know if it happened like that or not but it sounds like a good explaintion for him publishing the book. That note would sure made me publish the book without a second though. And pat carmen said it was just from RM. Not RM and JB. I’ve got to log off now.

  20. joebushisdarylbonner says:

    JOE BUSH IS DARYL BONNEr proof= in the book ryan says he looks like joe bush ok and in drjekyllandmrhyde vid if you pause on a glitch it shows bonners face all skeletal like i think that joe bush can pump blood back into his body and get in it like in the commercial on the site that would also explain the name of the next book

  21. teddy says:

    i agree with you sarah but how do you explain everything else???

  22. sarahf3 says:

    Pat carmen did make this this site sasukerocks222. The only other explaination for the creater of this site is that that dude got board oe scarced and left the site. I’ve got to log off now.

  23. teddy says:

    in the book, it said there were ackters and it lists them… thay maybe arent real but every thing else is… like sumpter. they just replaced it with skeleton creek and they replaced the real people with the ackters!!!! 🙂

  24. teddy says:

    then who did???? and where is the guy who made this site?????