Welcome to my site. I prefer to explain what this is all about in my videos, but this is what's happened so far: There’s a book coming out called Skeleton Creek that is suppose to be some kind of ghost story with videos. I've stumbled onto some files and information that no one else has, and it points to a very disturbing possibility: They're using real videos of terrifying experiences in some kind of building or factory and they’re passing it off as fiction. I recommend you start with video number 1.


So have people been looking around sarahfincher.com? I’ve found at least five easter eggs there that are pretty creepy. If you find any post them here, this might be a lead…


  1. Spades says:

    If i’m correct their still selling books.-.-
    Please,even if the situation is dramtic,don’t turn it into a soap opera and be all pesimistic and attempted mysterious.
    Just Sayin

  2. udontneed2know says:

    There gone. its to late weve went 2 far and we were way 2 careless.
    its all gone. THEY got 2 it first save any info u have
    its all gone.

  3. Spades says:

    If you think about it,we all don’t know what we are looking for.We should read the last few books and see what ryan and sarah are looking for,if we do,it’s probaly in the dregde.It could have relativity to the masons,but perhaps Patrick used that as a sideblock or it’s just a coinsidense.

  4. Zohal says:

    hey if you go back to the wikipedia page for skeleton creek they changed the last sentence

  5. Spades says:

    thanks bro,I was really starting to stress

  6. Zohal says:

    oh yeah with the easter eggs and how they are different as soon as you leave the website and come back they go back to normal it only works if you stay on the page after watching the video…

  7. Spades says:

    Its 4:42 over here and
    The easter eggs are glowing
    but I can’t click anything else!!
    What is going on!!

  8. Spades says:

    i just checked back on the easter eggs and ther’ye not diffrent anymore…. I’m confused >:L

  9. Spades says:

    Click the easter eggs they are all diffrent.

  10. Spades says:

    Hey you guys know how if you type in 103110 a video pops up that shows a 30 second long recording. It’s diffrent now It’s weird. I can’t really explain it now….

  11. Zohal says:


  12. Spades says:

    yeah thats the tangina barrons video,just not edited >:L it looks more like shes in the dregde.

  13. Zohal says:

    ok so i clicked on the vid and it came up with sarah on the stairs and she is talking to the camera saying this,

    Ok, Ryan i sent it like you asked.
    Log onto the itunes store and you can download it for free.
    Next time you leave the house you can watch it on your iphone or ipad, whichever you like.

    But don’t let anybody see them i gotta go..

    and then writing comes onto the screen and it says this

    Ryan watch videos here
    or use your phones browser at sarahfincher,.com
    or download them from itunes (search for skeleton creek
    tell no one

  14. Spades says:

    tell me about it.or rather
    us about it.

  15. Zohal says:

    nup, i think we’re talking about 2 different videos… coz the one i saw was only like 30 seconds long and was completely different. the video i found was of sarah on the stairs of her house…

  16. Spades says:

    The first book just type in t a n g i n a b a r r o n s ,thats the p-word.heh. i’m at school.

  17. Zohal says:

    no its not the last video, which one are you talking about………. i have all the books and have read them that video is not in it…. confused/confazzled

  18. Spades says:

    Yeah,thats also the last video in the first skeleton creek book,so it’s not that suprising,but i’m thinking that no one really went on itunes I mean,who would?? So maybe there really IS a secret.but also (the last p word) has a diffrent…setting so it does prove that the story is real overall and the videos were diffrent

  19. Zohal says:

    OMG! I FOUND A VIDEO AND GUESS WHAT SARAH IS IN IT, she is telling ryan to log onto the itunes store or something to get the videos and to tell no one about it, must have been put there recently because it mentions an ipad…

  20. Zohal says:

    i found a secret thing on sarahfincher.com it said favourite films so i clicked on it and it showed a piece of paper with these specific movies written

    the bride of frankenstein
    the abyss
    fight club
    Raising Arizona
    The truman show
    groundhog day
    the nightmare before christmas

    don’t know why this was on this website but the films all must be connected in some way

  21. Alexrider7 says:

    i found pictures of the dredge on the website too

  22. Alexrider7 says:

    that is exactly what i was thinking skeletoncreek12, though maybe it is the freemasons who want to rule the world together… i mean the crossbones are based off them……

    theres something to think about..