Welcome to my site. I prefer to explain what this is all about in my videos, but this is what's happened so far: There’s a book coming out called Skeleton Creek that is suppose to be some kind of ghost story with videos. I've stumbled onto some files and information that no one else has, and it points to a very disturbing possibility: They're using real videos of terrifying experiences in some kind of building or factory and they’re passing it off as fiction. I recommend you start with video number 1.

Video 1 – Skeleton Creek is Real

Up next Video 2 – Finding Phantom Files


  1. ibook says:

    Yeah, Kind of. 3:15, Floors 3 below, 3 parts to SC slogan, 13 (does that count) days to midnight, and everyone travels in a group of 3. (The crossbones)

  2. Is anyone else noticing that PC has sort of an obsession over the number “3”?

  3. OKAY. First off: This doesn’t have to be photoshoped. There are many other things to make videos with. ALSO, I know this isn’t real because I know ghosts when I see them. I do investigations in Kansas all the time and I KNOW what it is like.

  4. alias64 says:

    hey amanda!

  5. Well I guess a lot of you have left by now.
    This few weeks we will be going over Edgar Allen Poe in clas.s.
    My teacher has agreed to help me with this, too and give her personal opinion.
    If you are still here, then you can see what she said.
    Good day.

  6. alias64 says:

    getting video camera ready for this weekend!

  7. alias64 says:

    hey guys! hey panda capitan(amanda)and hello for the first time viking!

  8. Anyone have any good stories or halloween costumes? Feel free to upload them to http://www.rozemarry.wordpress.com 😀

  9. ibook says:

    Yeah…maybe if I had beenthe one to take charge, things would have been better. I had a whole month and I just sat by and flir ted. (Not sure if censored?)
    Then she happenned.
    And now, my friends make fun of me for talking to the first chair in my section in band. I’M SECOND CHAIR AND HE’S FIRST CHAIR! I HAVE TO ASK WHAT POSISTION THAT NOTE IS!

  10. alias64 says:

    both of the failure stories work

  11. horror says:

    But if i had to i guess… just don’t sweat it, you’re still very young. There’s plenty other dudes to come. And truthfully, all he probably wanted was to just do it, thats the case with most guys. That’s pretty much all that’s going thru their minds, maybe the next foootball game or the upcoming release of Halo 4 (only a few days! :-3) but thats pretty much it. Not really sure if that helped or not.

  12. horror says:

    :-/ Im not sure what to say to that.

  13. ibook says:

    Ugh. The worst part he asked me for dating advice. So tempted to say “Step one: play the jealousy card and say you’ re in love with mr and challenge her to win your heart.” Was nice enough not to. But he asked me whether he should do, um, it, with her, and got mad at me for saying no he shouldn’t.
    I almost cried that night. I almost cry everytime I get a sweet, nice text from him and then I see his signature: <3 his girlfriends name<3
    I. Want. To. Ki.ll. That. Chick,

  14. Been there done that.
    Yush. My kitty story works purrrrrfectly.
    Okay I’ll stop… haha XDD

  15. ibook says:

    Yep. That’s about right.
    I mean, I was thinking of this guy I loved where everything went horribly wrong and before I knew it he was dating a stuck up snooty popular girl who wanted to do…it
    But, you know, the cat story works too.

  16. One time… I was trying to cuddle my kitty… and he bit me… XD

  17. alias64 says:

    hey guys,ever wonder if patrick is watching us?:}

  18. alias64 says:

    now, you have to understand that this adventure may not be as amazing as the skeleton creek one,and we may debunk this mystery in that two days,so are you with me or…what? oh PS the google search for the drownings will be on the verde independent option.

  19. Well there might be a good reason why people don’t talk about it. It seems like, from a website I just read, that they don’t want it to seem like a sad place, it is very beautiful. Also, it seems like that talk would stop people from going. But what they don’t know is that it is a big attraction to people like me.

  20. alias64 says:

    now just so you got it, search on google clarkdale az pecks lake drownings ok? theres supposed to be an old schoolhouse down there that i’ll check out.theres no exact ghost i’m looking for, so i might see alot.but basicaly the question we have to answer is,why won’t the town library talk about it? i even searched in a book all about pecks lake and…NADA!!!!!

  21. So have anything I need to research? I can go ahead and start asap
    I have another website that we could use or I could make one haha

  22. Well it isn’t exactly closing… I guess… the domain expires.

  23. alias64 says:

    i knew i could count on you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!now im hearing that this site is closing soon, whats up with that? cause if it really closes were going to need another site to talk on.