Welcome to my site. I prefer to explain what this is all about in my videos, but this is what's happened so far: There’s a book coming out called Skeleton Creek that is suppose to be some kind of ghost story with videos. I've stumbled onto some files and information that no one else has, and it points to a very disturbing possibility: They're using real videos of terrifying experiences in some kind of building or factory and they’re passing it off as fiction. I recommend you start with video number 1.


As you can see I didn’t make it to the dredge, I couldn’t get through the snow. I’m pretty dissapointed and extremely tired after driving all night, not to mention having to dig my car out twice. I’ve never driven in the snow before and I guess it shows, I should have known that I wasn’t going to be making it up there in something that didn’t have AWD. I’m just glad I didn’t wreck my mom’s car, my dad would have killed me.

I am going back though, I’m not going to stop after I’ve seen this much, I can’t stop. I think I know somebody who might let me borrow a car with AWD, I think I can do it next week, or one of the days just after Christmas, but for right now I have to sleep.


  1. skeletoncreekmasterlvids says:

    i paused it at the end and i saw a dude in a chair.was that pic from the 50’s.

  2. tyke23 says:

    theres a pic in the static at the end

  3. Batmanluvr says:

    Okay, I watched the videos with my cousin a while back, and forgot completely about it. And yesterday, i saw an add for Skeleton Creek, and decided to check out the site for updates. I watched all the videos over again, and was pretty creeped out with the last video. The way it’s set up. But, it seems nobody is the least bit interested in the fact that he told us he is Ryan McCray. So, once i saw that, i started to do some digging. I was wondering about the Site lockdown. Does anybody know what that is?
    So, I clicked on Walk through. I clicked on all of the links, and nothing seemed very interesting. So, i Googled “Skeleton Creek is Real.com site lockdown” I didn’t find anything, except a link to this video. I have searched all through this site, and couldn’t find it on my own. So, i watched this video, and at the end there is a man. I thought it was creepy and weird, and tried to pause it. No luck. But, if you go to “Walk through” And click on http://www.sarahfincher.com there are places on the site that you can click. What is up with the videos, that are like commercials? Maybe the man at the end of this video, is one of the man on http://www.sarahfincher.com
    There’s something weird going on with this site.
    What do you think?
    Oh, and i’m going to get the picture of that man. I think I know how.

  4. Thriller says:

    Yeah drew e,
    I saw the man too. I tried to pause on it to see who it might be but can’t.

  5. drew e. says:

    well it might not be important but have you guys noticed at the end of the video if you paus it when the static goes that you see a man

  6. ClockworkRuse says:

    Killed and died are basically the same thing.

    Anyone have anything about the what happens at the end of the video?

  7. gorilla22 says:

    i was just lookin at haunteddredges.com again and i noticed that when u click on the sumpter dredge thing it says something different to on the front, it says ‘Joe Bush reportedly died while trying to repair one of the gear mechanisms while the dredge was still in operation because he didn’t want to halt the search for gold.’ but on the home page it says ‘The most-ducumented haunted dredge is home to the ghost of dredge worker Joe Bush, who was killed while on the job…’ so one says killed and the other says died

  8. Finn42 says:

    Alandxthor you could be right – I’ve been commenting already that this whole thing is probably a game or an ARG or whatever – like lonelygirl or that NIN thing. Pretty elaborate hoax if it is!

  9. ClockworkRuse says:

    Hey, stop the screen at 39 seconds, when the screen flickers. Just keep clicking play and pause over and over again.

    What the heck was all of that?

  10. dude
    thats gay, well get a better car and get some more stuff
    and dude, its like dark…
    wow thats got guts

  11. AlandxThor says:

    Why Doesnt he ever show his face in any of these videos?tell me why there always an edit when the camera shuts off this is just a BS to get people to buy the book when it comes out!!!!!

  12. ashsteven1 says:

    alright if u made it up there,hope u dont see any ghost in the dredge man and i wouldnt go there alone if i were u. Bring some of ur friends with u

  13. ashsteven1 says:

    hope you dont freeze yourself up there man and be careful

  14. foreverghostgirl says:

    just dont kill yourself getting up there

  15. Finn42 says:

    No way! That’s some serious snow. Dude, even if you try again and make it this time your going to have to break in. The dredge is totally closed. Everyone is psyched to see you up there – it just doesn’t seem possible.