Welcome to my site. I prefer to explain what this is all about in my videos, but this is what's happened so far: There’s a book coming out called Skeleton Creek that is suppose to be some kind of ghost story with videos. I've stumbled onto some files and information that no one else has, and it points to a very disturbing possibility: They're using real videos of terrifying experiences in some kind of building or factory and they’re passing it off as fiction. I recommend you start with video number 1.


Ok this is it, I’ve finally got a car with four wheel drive and I’m going up to Sumpter again. I’m pretty sure I can make it this time, I’ll be heading up on Sunday so expect to see the footage posted on Monday. Just in case I don’t make it back, I’m going to set up a place for discussion so people aren’t hunting through all of the different blog posts and video comments in the future, so if anything happens go there to talk about it and keep everybody informed.

I can’t say I feel all that good about this trip, after seeing that Oldie Joyful Win video it’s hard to push back the fear of what or who I might find in that dredge. Who is that guy anyway? From the name of the youtube account it looks like WL could stand for Walter Legrand, the guy on the registration for haunteddredges.com, but we don’t know who that is either. And the creepiest thing is, he’s obviously watching us.

There’s too many unkowns in this whole mess, I don’t like it.



    I found a website information about the Sumpter Valley Dredge. http://www.friendofthedredge.com/menu/historic_dredge.html.

  2. First off, he won’t be going through anyone’s computers because that is illegal. I think he is doing everything he can to know more about us by what we put out there. Facebook, twitter, anything that has some of the stuff about ourselves and what we know is out there. If you don’t want him to know what you are up to, don’t post on the site and don’t tell your personal stuff out there. He can’t look through your computer. The FBI can, but he can’t. Unless he gets the FBI to do so. Anyways. Nothing to worry about.

  3. banana13 says:

    Ok, when was the last time they posted? What has happened! Hmmmm?

  4. banana13 says:

    Ok, I need to know more!

  5. banana13 says:

    This will freak me out if it’s real!

  6. SafteyintheDark says:

    While I was doing research on dredge in Sumpter, Oregon I learned the dredge there caught fire and some one burnt to death!

  7. HS25808 says:

    i think that he mint be dead

  8. sydney2681 says:

    Is he ok he hasn’t posted anymore ids I hope he’s alriggt

  9. sydney2681 says:

    walrus23 good work and is this rlly true all of this because ive seen the ghost of old joe bush in past experiences in ral life if someone reads this comment and thinks im lying im not this is real the more you find out the more at risk u are! watch out because hes coming

  10. Walrus23 says:

    Okay when did Joe Bush die again? I’m looking through the death records of Oregon.

  11. Walrus23 says:

    To respond to Skeleton Reader, I would but I needs a car. And it would have to be daylight, because there’s no damn way I’m going there at night.

  12. Rick Mcray says:

    Maybe Carman saw the ghost, beliver1231 I like the idea, but creeped me out. sorry about the long comments

  13. Rick Mcray says:

    So you know about the dredge in sumpter valley, you have been there right?, You know it is in a state park? I wish you can see this I’m really into it. but if you saw my last comment you understand i’m not kidding they say I guy died there and his folk name was joe bush .[note they say he died on NO.49 dredge but the spirit traveled with a gearbox to NO.3 dredge in Sumpter.]

  14. believer1231 says:

    patrick carmen could be going through peoples computers just to know more about what we know