Welcome to my site. I prefer to explain what this is all about in my videos, but this is what's happened so far: There’s a book coming out called Skeleton Creek that is suppose to be some kind of ghost story with videos. I've stumbled onto some files and information that no one else has, and it points to a very disturbing possibility: They're using real videos of terrifying experiences in some kind of building or factory and they’re passing it off as fiction. I recommend you start with video number 1.


Ok this is it, I’ve finally got a car with four wheel drive and I’m going up to Sumpter again. I’m pretty sure I can make it this time, I’ll be heading up on Sunday so expect to see the footage posted on Monday. Just in case I don’t make it back, I’m going to set up a place for discussion so people aren’t hunting through all of the different blog posts and video comments in the future, so if anything happens go there to talk about it and keep everybody informed.

I can’t say I feel all that good about this trip, after seeing that Oldie Joyful Win video it’s hard to push back the fear of what or who I might find in that dredge. Who is that guy anyway? From the name of the youtube account it looks like WL could stand for Walter Legrand, the guy on the registration for haunteddredges.com, but we don’t know who that is either. And the creepiest thing is, he’s obviously watching us.

There’s too many unkowns in this whole mess, I don’t like it.


  1. bbtall says:

    ‘And the creepiest thing is, he’s obviously watching us.’
    I know, right….
    It reminds me a tiny bit of my friend’s neighbor who looks in their window in teh summer while they’re eating… *shudder*
    Off topic, sorry…
    But really, it’s creepy to think that someone, out there, somewhere, somehow, is watching you…
    Stalker neighbor, no, but stalker ghost, yes.
    (I don’t know how to specify the above sentence more, think of the meaning yourself…)

  2. Old Joe Bush says:

    I would not want to be in this guys position. I think he should move to Bangladesh change his name and never talk to anyone again.

  3. SkeletonCreckLuver says:

    i agree.i need more clues even though I belive he is REAL!!!!!!!! I saw the video of the guy (that made this website and posted videos)he went there.I wouldn’t have gone through.I would have at least broung 2 or 3 friends!I do BELIVE that Joe Bush was there.And he changed the tools.he probably knew you were there because he stopped making noises.he probably wanted 2 check you out. I would have been SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. SkeletonReader says:

    Please reply to my last post 🙂

  5. SkeletonReader says:

    some one needs to check the WHOLE drege (even in the roped off areas) for clues to joe bush’s death & skeleton creek

  6. COOKI3FREAK says:

    hey is anyone on OMG i feel like i’m being watched but i dont know who’s watching me i just feel it. I’m doing this book report on the first book i just need the name of the actor ryan in skeleton creek if anyone knows his name i will be glad well thanks. I know sarah was on this website once. Um sarah can you reply back i really need a picture of ryan or else i will fail. Well bye :/

  7. raybar.36 says:

    hi im now

  8. Dakota Creek says:

    Well is he/she there?Or still wherever he/she lives?

  9. mayukanda says:

    Hey guys, i recently went to sumpter for a family reunion nd i went to the dredge too. It was old and creepy and very rusty. oh and theres this old news paper i got from the guest place it was oldish and hard to read but it was about some guy going in the dredge to see if the ghost legends are true and he went inside and said “Joe if you’re in here show us a sign” then the light went out.
    Creepy. I also got some old news papers from the librarian who said her son was reading the book. they were useless and only contained old poems and other crap. any ways the creeks not even called skeleton creek its called cracker creek =/
    also when i was there i looked in the pond i saw a rock as the shape of a skeleton head …..

  10. beprocker says:

    actualy it is 5:14

  11. beprocker says:

    i just finished the 2nd book today

  12. Amanda says:

    45chocalatechip- actualy, it IS a clue.

  13. rockyeight says:

    I believe you and be careful out there ok

  14. 45chocalatechip says:

    Natasha just because u found a purple dot on a page doesn’t mean you found a clue.Wow

  15. 45chocalatechip says:

    i’m sorry 4 telling the end but what happens is Ryan McCray is really the person telling the story.ha

  16. jr4squarer says:

    Ok I think I found either something interesting or known. I’m curious about the author, Patrick Carman. In the video u posted it just has the start of someone coming in, but in the raven it has a person/ghost dragging its leg. I recall that we saw something about a Joe Bush who hurt his leg on the dredge and claimings of hearing a leg being dragged. So I think that the author did a lot of research to write his book. I also think that the files u found on his website were from somewhere else. Maybe, another website that went in the dredge and found misterious things. Notice in the video that u found they don’t talk, possibly because they’re afraid something or someone would here them. This is just a theory don’t take it too seriously.

  17. Natasha says:

    yo peeps

    it’s Natasha here i think i found something.
    lastnight i was reading skeleton creek and a big pourple dot appeared on the page and it’s kinda creaping me out but i’ll check back with ya tommoarow.
    see ya

  18. Juliet says:

    Well when people are SCARED TO DEATH the swing the camera around to take in the surroundings and then they look back at the video and zoom in and loofor clues thats what my cousin did after the graveyard 😉

  19. creekfan says:


  20. edys1506@msn.com says:

    i think it is a good book it has evry thing a book should have the videos could br beter maby they coold show a little bitt more of what is happening but besides that it is a great book

  21. musicman109 says:

    What does 42 in 42WL?I gotta do some lookin’.

  22. ksj666 says:

    Walter lagrande was a man who was the last to die in a the gas chabers of arizona in 1999, around the same time patrick went to sumpter?

  23. foreverghostgirl says:

    i agree with the too many unknowns

  24. DuhItsHere says:

    Okay. Be careful. It could be really dangerous since this dude WL is obviously watching.