Welcome to my site. I prefer to explain what this is all about in my videos, but this is what's happened so far: There’s a book coming out called Skeleton Creek that is suppose to be some kind of ghost story with videos. I've stumbled onto some files and information that no one else has, and it points to a very disturbing possibility: They're using real videos of terrifying experiences in some kind of building or factory and they’re passing it off as fiction. I recommend you start with video number 1.


So a lot of you have been throwing out ideas about what you think the story is behind all of this and I think it’s high time we had them all voiced in one place, so here it is.

Post your theories here and say why you think you’re right.


  1. And something that I have noticed over a period of time… He has an obsession with the number “3.”

  2. That is a good thought, there, but like I said a little while ago, this investigation is solved and pretty much done for unless someone can find proof that it is otherwise true… So if you can prove that they are all real people out there and PC is apart of The Crossbones, we will jump right back on this thing as quick as we can. Until then, I don’t think we are going to do much. Not speaking for everyone, but for myself.


    I think Ryan, Sarah and Joe Bush are real people. And there are secerts that are so dark and powerfull that people want them to stay duried ,but things can not stay duried or forgetten… Here is a idea… maybe Patrick Carman is part of the crossbones because he knows a lot like Edgar Allen Poe… they have him part of the group because they fear of him and his words…. fruit of thought.

  4. See you then. Post FB link on here.

  5. nudgegirl says:

    I will convince my parents to take me to the dredge. I live about 2 or so hours away. I will make a Facebook page where I will be posting my evidence. So I guess I will see you guys then!

  6. Are you talking to me…? Because I’ll do that if you really think I need ta.

  7. zoey9898 says:

    Joe bush is the ghost that haunts the building so check what who where and when if your going to figure who is Joe Bush and the clips

  8. Ryan and Sarah are not related to each other or to Joe Bush.

  9. That person right over there that eats with chopsticks says:

    The Crossbones was an old crime group who had one of there members (Joe) try to steal gold from a gold dredge. He died while on the job. He kept a journal That he used to keep info on the other guards and to plan his robbery. Some what later his Nephew RYAN
    And his niece Sarah found his Journal.

  10. I have a feeling that the New Crossbones is us, supersecret. It seems crazy at first… but try and think about it.

  11. Spades says:

    Oh hey,if you click on the dice easter egg,it has a picture of dice with the numbers 3,1 and 5,so I guess that confirms the 315 stories are most definetly connected to the dregde.

  12. supersecret says:

    Why do I have a feeling that the Sarah (the REAL one) IS acting as the Apostel? Maybe The NEW crossbones is already among us?

  13. I haven’t read it, yet…

  14. ibook says:

    I’ve gone thriugh online mission training…maybe we should check tracker pas swoeds tok

  15. Maybe, maybe. But some things are not as they seem. We need to track Ryan and Sarah in the books… Track… The trackers. Yo. We are the trackers. XD Just realized that.

  16. ibook says:

    They’re not code, they just relate to other thinfs outside of the story

  17. The Nobody says:

    Maybe those weird videos are secret code for something and if you click the top left corner you can see a number thats part of a time and changes every minute

  18. That is what I have been telling people!!! The names are fake.

  19. Ryan M says:

    I looked up fincher and McCray in the online sumpter phone book and got zero results for both. If the book is real both names are fake.

  20. Maybe it was all faked…? But Joe is real. Ghosts usually don’t show themselves and the ghost on these videos is obviously fake because he is too real, jerky, and computerized. We don’t have the real Joe Bush on camera.

  21. im scared says:

    i think that since you went to the dredge and found a noise like in the book maybe hes real…

  22. Phantom: Dude… I have known that for years, now…

  23. crow says:

    i think there is a hidden video on sarah fincer.com if you enter never meet him

  24. phantom says: