Welcome to my site. I prefer to explain what this is all about in my videos, but this is what's happened so far: There’s a book coming out called Skeleton Creek that is suppose to be some kind of ghost story with videos. I've stumbled onto some files and information that no one else has, and it points to a very disturbing possibility: They're using real videos of terrifying experiences in some kind of building or factory and they’re passing it off as fiction. I recommend you start with video number 1.

We Missed Something

Today I was watching the security video (seg06wk21.mp4) again and noticed that it said “Asset 42” in the corner. I’d never noticed that before so I tired backslashing it on patrickcarman.com and I found something! I thought we had been through everything there but I guess I was wrong. I don’t have time to go through it all so I’m handing it off to you guys, make sure to post what you find!


  1. psychoticgrey says:

    yes, the video is in japanese. ive been trying to translate it since i watched it. there are two key words in both sentences she speaks. i cant find their meaning, but im getting close.

    on another note, its dubbed. the girl isnt really speaking in japanese. if u notice in the very beginning when she starts speaking she says “so i mean..” and it goes straight into the japanese. also, it sounds like the voice changes, from this sarah girls voice to the japanese. two different voices. look closely at her mouth. the japanese doesnt match what shes really saying.

    if anyone knows japanese, please tell me. its buggin me!!!!

  2. Finn42 says:

    The video is in JAPANESE- I just confirmed with a friend of mine! She was sure, and thought her mom might be able to translate it for us. More soon…

  3. ClockworkRuse says:

    Yeah. It’s the picture near the “The Girls” poster.

    I may be wrong, but it sort of looks like the thing on the ground, with the writing on it.

    Also, if anyone has seen the video on Sarahfincher.com, that picture isn’t on her wall yet when that video is taken.

  4. Finn42 says:

    Lets call him Steve…like the hedge in that over the hedge movie. Hilarious. Hold on Im checking that video. I don’t see the plaque in the picture of the room???? Im assuming this is the girls room…

  5. ClockworkRuse says:

    The Plaque!

    It’s from the video fragments! Go back and watch the fourth video the web site owner put up. It’d be nice if we had something to call him. XD

  6. ClockworkRuse says:

    It’s in color, so I doubt it has anything to do with the Dredge. But it looks like a ring of fire.

  7. Finn42 says:

    There’s a picture next to the portfolio days poster – someone is setting something on fire. What the?

  8. Finn42 says:

    Check this out: the bottom poster next to the closet, I think, is for The Ergs – another band. This band also broke up earlier this year but they look pretty cool. Check here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ergs!

  9. ClockworkRuse says:

    Atomic, I don’t think it’s the grave of Joe Bush.

  10. ClockworkRuse says:

    Near the end, where the video glitches a little bit… Is that the same frame that cuts into the recovered video?

    All of the posters in her room are bands, except for one I think. It’s the black one near the Charming Snakes poster. If you look at it, you can just make out “Company.” Playing around with the contrast and colors, it makes the word before company just barely readable. It looks like Sus….epie? Something close to that. Does that fit with anything we’ve found so far?

    It looks like the other pictures of the Dredge. Is there anything about a plate or something like that? Have we seen anything like a plaque in the Dredge?

    There are also a lot of pictures of the Dredge around the place. Centered around the most pictures of the dredge is the Portfolio Days poster, which I found a little odd.

  11. Atomic Salad says:

    it also says joe——————————company so maybe he owned the dredge?

  12. Atomic Salad says:

    it seems as if the only difference between the two pictures is the quality

  13. Atomic Salad says:

    there are also blueprints on her wall of the dredge. also, whats the deal with the red light?

  14. Atomic Salad says:

    on the pics on the wall, there are pics of the dredge, there is pics of the crew too, maybe joe bush is in one of them. creepy

  15. Atomic Salad says:

    the pics were taken buy a pro, you can tell

  16. ZackFSCIR says:

    Hanging up on the wall right by the Charming snakes thing is a picture that looks like somekind of certificate or something. I cant tell what it says.

  17. ZackFSCIR says:

    Dude! I lived in Washington and was in a whole bunch of bands. I always went to local gigs and battle of the bands and stuff like that. I swear I think I’ve heard of Those Charming Snakes dudes. And I think it is PD for Portfolio Days.

  18. Finn42 says:

    Yeah, but if you look for those bands online theyre real – Im still searching. I can almost read what her shoes say on the front. ITs like a p and o and something else on the front of that one shoe. I think all the bands are way independent and most of them arent together anymore but recorded on LP’s – – not sure yet – but it would make sense because she has a record player.

  19. ZackFSCIR says:

    Not clue! It sounds chinese. I tried clicking on every poster… i did not bring anything up

  20. Finn42 says:

    What the? What language is that?? Weird. That’s just downright confusing. It sounds oriental. I think your right, its dubbed…but its almost spot on. maybe the track is off – I mean her breathing is right on and the words are so dang close. How does this even get into a folder on Patrick Carmens site????

  21. ZackFSCIR says:

    Dude Yea I noticed that! And I googled Portfolia days (she has it on her site as one of her favorite bands) and they are from Walla Walla.

  22. Finn42 says:

    P.S. – why can’t the guy running this site check this stuff out? He must be busting out for Xmas….

  23. Finn42 says:

    Dude, I think all those posters on her wall in her room are bands. If you click on the large one once it opens in a browser its huge. One of the posters on that back wall is the charming snakes – thats a seattle band! here’s the Pandora site where you can sample the tunes – they’ve been defunct since 2005: http://www.pandora.com/music/album/charming+snakes/ammunition

  24. ZackFSCIR says:

    Alright. So first I found a video of Sarah talking in some other kind of language. It obviously “looked and sounded” dubbed. 2nd, I found 2 pictures of what looks like Sarahs room. On the walls are a whole bunch of Black and white photos of the dredge. I really do not get it. Ugh.

  25. ZackFSCIR says:

    Alright. So first I found a video of Sarah talking in some other kind of language. It obviously looked dubbed. 2nd, I found 2 pictures of what looks like Sarahs room. On the walls are a whole bunch of Black and white photos of the dredge. I really do not get it. Ugh.